Stone restoration to eroded mouldings

The exterior of a building
must be properly and professionally
maintained to:

• Protect against damp, frost and draughts
• Prevent erosion
• Ensure your property is saleable
• Minimise energy waste
• Ensure the building is safe
• Increase the value of your property
• Avoid expensive repairs
• Extend the life of the building
• Enhance its visual appeal


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It is widely thought that anyone can slap on some mortar to point over cracks and problems, but 99% of the time this is all that will be achieved and, more often than not, far from remedying a problem this action will actually compound it. A sticking plaster solution to a problem that requires specialist attention and one that will go on to require (expensive) major surgery at a later date - a crack pointed over is still a crack! The structure will be more vulnerable than if nothing had been done - buildings need to breathe and the mortar is effectively the building’s lungs.

You wouldn’t ask a roofer to rewire your house, or a plumber to install your double glazing, or get a decorator to install your new bathroom, so why would you trust anyone other than a specialist with the very fabric of your building?.


Why choose Millholme?

We are experienced specialists in the field of external repointing, renovation and restoration work. Our people are experienced, trained professional trades people. We pride ourselves in the thorough, efficient and friendly service we provide to all our customers, this includes:


• Commercial & domestic pointing

• Lime pointing

• Brick pointing

• Stone pointing

• Stone repair

• Stone restoration

• Crack repairs

For a free consultation and quotation, feel welcome to get in touch and we’ll arrange to call out to see you and your building. From this we can assess needs and let you know about the most suitable solution (and mortar type) to ensure your home, factory, school, castle, hotel, or office is in the best condition possible, and stays that way too.


“Be sure your building’s breathing”